Product Updates

Monthly Update – March 2022

Fabian Loureiro

What’s new?

Introducing the Guacamole Accumulation Bot. Leverage a patient strategy that achieved a 99% win rate in tests. It multiplies its position as markets fall, making it easier to take profit when they rise again. Find out how it works here.

Diversify. Picking single assets can be challenging and time-consuming. Try a basket to get exposure to top coins within specific themes.

Going global. Cryptocurrencies aren’t bound by borders and neither should Tuned. In this spirit, we’re introducing Spanish and Portuguese as language options, with many more to come.

Multi-coin bot pie chart allocation on our mobile app.

The directory of all code. Meet the Scripts tab, the latest addition to the Power Bar. Quickly find your scripts, or explore scripts shared by the Tuned community. With code preview and single-click Fork functionality, you’ll quickly be able to test new strategies.

Multi-coin bot pie chart allocation on our mobile app.

Invest with confidence. We’re bridging the gap between investors and creators. Traders can now leverage advanced analytics and performance charts when browsing community bots in the Bots tab. Access hundreds of monetized bots and subscribe today.

Multi-coin bot pie chart allocation on our mobile app.

Coming soon

Get to know the Tuned community. Introducing the Traders tab, the latest addition to the Power Bar. Directly from the Terminal, you’ll be able to discover strategy creators and stay up to date with their latest offerings.

We’ve also improved and fixed a few nuisances

  • Fixed multiple bugs when using Firefox to access the terminal. 
  • Improved onboarding.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented traders from saving presets.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the debug panel to briefly display Failed after forking a script.
  • Join our Discord and stay up-to-date on all changes.

In other news

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