Product Updates

Monthly Update – June/July 2022


What’s new?


Time is the most valuable asset and shouldn’t be spent monitoring trades. Our first product for manual trading, Setups, lets you trade faster and more reliably.

Create, share, and execute trade Setups. With Tuned, you can easily manage every Setup- every step of the way.

Select your favorite exchange. All exchanges supported on Tuned are available.

Define your entry. Load your bases with up to 5 custom entries. Averaging into positions spreads risk and lowers your chance of missing trades.

Plan your exit, before entering. Easily manage risk and don’t get caught with your pants down.

One Click Follow. Quickly share Setups with your friends and community. Anyone with the One Click Follow URL can copy your Setup.

Better deployments

In short, a backend overhaul has enabled up to 10x faster updates, meaning even more uptime for your runs.

Coming Soon

Good documentation is the foundation of any complex product. More on this soon.

In other news

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