Our previous blog post, The Rise of the Independent Trader, talked about a plan to level the playing field between Wall Street and Main Street. Here, we’ll show how Tuned democratizes wealth management, with the help of Tuned Script and Pine Script.

The proliferation of investing communities on Discord, and exponential growth observed in /r/wallstreetbets, tells a story that regular people are increasingly looking to grow their wealth independently of the big institutions. Tuned seeks to bolster the retail side- requiring only a web browser and internet connection.

The solution begins with providing the right tools

For decades, in the traditional finance world, access to market data and backtesting systems has been proprietary and walled off from the public. Our platform is the independent quantitative trader’s and retail investor’s solution to build, test and automate cryptocurrency trading strategies. Here’s why:

Information access

To address the first challenge, traders need not worry about where to find data, only how to interpret it. From our supported exchanges, traders are delivered precise backtests with minute-by-minute historical data. Accordingly, live run accuracy is ensured with real time market data. In some cases this data updates multiple times a second, but varies by exchange. Arming traders with high resolution data is the first step in ensuring they take the right trades.

Programming language

We’ve expedited and improved strategy creation through Tuned Script, our in-house language designed for trading. A small example of this is how we access information. Rather than individual variables, everything is organized into series’. If you wanted to call the previous candle’s peak simply write high[1], candle size and asset are implied by default. If you’re coming from Python there may be a small learning curve, but we think it’s well worth it. 

Pine Script is also available on our platform, but with limited functionality at the time of writing.

Historical testing

Ensuring your strategy’s validity is a necessary precaution before running live assets. On Tuned, running a single test is the minimum expectation. The true purpose of this system is to reveal optimal parameters.

Imagine a scenario where you want to buy when the asset price crosses above the simple moving average, and then sell when it dips below. You could manually test this yourself on a service like TradingView, but on Tuned it would only take seconds to learn which versions yield profit. There are thousands of indicators, and millions of combinations. All that’s left is to test.

Three of the same graph, overlaid with different moving averages.

To reward early users, and promote strategy creation, we currently offer a free upgrade to our community plan. This enables up to 50k concurrent backtests. Meaning a user can get thousands of results in minutes. 

Ranking backtests

Testing thousands of strategies and iterations is nice, but it’s not realistic to run all of them with live assets. By default, Tuned sorts results from most profitable to least. However, for a few reasons, this is not necessarily a best practice. That is why we include metrics like Maximum Drawdown and Profitable Trades. These help identify risk without sifting through the entire trade history.

That being said, we understand the available metrics may never be sufficient. For this reason, Tuned allows and encourages you to download a backtest’s trade data in JSON format. We think this is a good compromise between keeping the platform usable while still satisfying our power users. 


The cornerstone of algorithmic trading, but nothing flashy in our case. The expectations of typical cloud computing are quite high already. So while we like to boast about our < 1 second round trip, I get the feeling you weren’t impressed. 

Rather, our distinguishing feature is the syndication marketplace. It’s a single place where strategy creators sell trading signals produced by their bots, according to a fee structure determined by them. There’s no cost in listing a trading strategy on the marketplace. Investors subscribe, pay and trade through their own Tuned accounts. At scale, we see a future where quant traders can viably run their entire business on Tuned. 

Multiplying the benefits of quantitative trading

Tuned works to relieve psychological warfare and torment. Not the type that describes medieval tactics or 20th century propaganda, but out in the markets. When dealing with real funds, it’s easy to get emotional. This is especially true for anyone new to trading. 

We recognize the potential for new investors to get excited over seeing high numbers. However, believing Medallion Fund success will come in 2 months is not an assumption anyone wants to be responsible for. We make a continual effort to temper expectations by providing educational resources. We want business and disappointed investors will hurt our bottom line.

You’ve made it this far

To address any future strategy creators, all code you write on Tuned belongs to you. We execute trades on your behalf through exchange platforms, enabled by you. We imagine a future where anyone, from anywhere, is able to build a successful trading business. If we can empower the next generation of quantitative traders to go independent, then perhaps we can become the high finance alternative everyone’s looking for.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any specific security or investment product. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Before trading using complex financial products, please ensure to understand the risks involved. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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