At Tuned, we have a flourishing community and marketplace of strategy creators (quant traders) and investors. All of whom are looking for some kind of financial freedom.

The advantage we provide comes from our tools, which are used to create and improve trading strategies. For example, we encourage everyone to vet their ideas with up to 50,000 concurrent backtests (free for a limited time). This enables the discovery of hidden patterns and optimal parameters which may normally be overlooked. We’d like to show off the results of this work.

We hope you’ll find some favourites.

Beginning first with 3 low risk syndications

To make this list, a syndication had to be both profitable, and have a max drawdown above -20%. Those who subscribe to these should ideally have less worry about.

Windfarm on a Lake BF by ThornTech

With a max drawdown of only -5.4% and 8.8% in profit, in May, it is one of the most consistent syndications on our platform. This is available on the Binance Futures exchange.

PocketHunter – (0-10.000 USDT) | Binance Futures by Cryptoagents

With -7.8% max drawdown, and 8.5% profit, this is also a very stable syndication. This is available on the Binance Futures exchange.

ETH Routemaster Carrier 0.25x by BTM

Similar to the previous two this syndication had a max drawdown of -8.4% in may, but a total profit of 33.7%. This is available on the ByBit exchange.

Here are 3 high-risk, high-reward syndications

These all have large max drawdowns and are not for those with weak stomachs. Consider this a warning. However, if you know your risk appetite and want some heavy toys, do have a look. These were selected based on highest percent returns.

LINK by Robster

It’s not uncommon for hands to let go at a -20% or -25% loss. So with a max drawdown of -30.4% we recognize the risk of this syndication. However, it also profited 247.8%. This is available on the Binance Futures exchange.

🔥 Goose Inferno 🔥 COIN Futures by GoldenGoose

At a max drawdown of -42.3% this syndication managed to turn things around for a 430.2% profit. This is available on the Binance Coin Futures exchange.

ETH Star Cruiser 2.5x by BTM

With an eye watering max drawdown of -59.1%, this syndication also provided an eye watering profit of 608.3%. Again, all this in a 30 day timespan. This is available on the Bybit exchange.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any specific security or investment product. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Before trading using complex financial products, please ensure to understand the risks involved. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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