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Face the Bear – How to profit from downtrends


Every financial market goes through different cycles, commonly known as bear and bull markets. A bull market is characterized as an uptrend with higher highs and higher lows, while a bear market trends down with lower highs and lower lows. Investors enjoy the profitable periods of a bull market, but often assume bear markets are…

Price Action Series Chapter 3: Plot Support/Resistance

Simão Ferreira

In this chapter, we dive right into the rules for drawing support and resistance zones. We define a zone by taking into account: Swing highs and swing lows, meaning the highest and lowest points price reaches in a time period; Multiple touches and bounces off an area, the more the better; If the area you’re…

The No-Code Strategy Template by Tuned


Out of 50,000 trading bots there’s a strong chance at least one is profitable. In 2021 Tuned traders tested over 200 million bots, but we noticed an obstacle. Despite free unlimited access, Tuned’s technical nature made it difficult for those unfamiliar. Believing we could do better, we wrote a No-Code Strategy Template that lets you…

Monthly Product Update – January 2022


What’s new? Try free syndications, by Tuned. Generating alpha in sideways markets is challenging. We took a stab at a syndication specifically designed for these markets. Since mid-January, our Infinite Grid Bot syndications have achieved a 100% win rate across 30+ trades. Huobi Coin-M Swaps are now available. Invest crypto and accumulate crypto, the beauty…

Average True Range – ATR

Simão Ferreira

In this article, we’ll explain why the Average True Range (ATR) indicator is important, and how to properly use it in algorithmic trading. Table of contents What is ATR? How is ATR calculated? Common uses An example strategy using ATR on Tuned Conclusion What is the Average True Range (ATR)? ATR was developed by J.…

Price Action Series Chapter 2: Support and resistance

Simão Ferreira

From a price action perspective, the most important skill to being profitable is being able to identify dynamic support and resistance zones. This is the foundation of trading and the most important skill to master. You don’t want to be the one buying the top and selling the bottom.  If you miss the other chapters…

Price Action Series – Chapter 1

Simão Ferreira

Today we will start a new series on our blog aiming to explain the basis of technical analysis and the importance of price action (with support and resistance concepts). This series is divided into eight chapters which will be spread over eight blog posts (Chapters) : 1: Technical Analysis: the Basics 2: Support and Resistance…

Creating Better Trading Strategies — The Future

Albert Lai

And here we have it: the last installment of the data science article series! In our previous article, we created some correlated clusters and came away with some pretty incredible results. To wrap the series up, I’ll be going over how creators can apply these findings and what this research means for the future of…

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