Navigating The Syndication Explore Page on Tuned

Vivek Sahni

Table of Contents:

  1. Three sections of the explore page
  2. Syndications View
  3. Sorting Filters
  4. Profit/Loss period filter
  5. Results Filter
  6. Trading scripts created by Tuned traders

The Tuned invest page is a central repository for all the traders, syndications and trading scripts. Here, you can find strategy creators and subscribe to their syndications, learn more about via creators’ profiles, how much money is allocated to each trader, and how many trades have been executed. You can also view trading scripts created by our community of traders, which are public and help our users learn scripting in more detail.


Three sections of the explore page

The default view of the explore page shows individual Syndications available for subscription. Users are able to see details like Name, Exchange, Asset, Profit/Loss%, MDD, Run Time, etc.


Syndications View

A user then has an option to sort the syndications by Name, Exchange, Maximum Drawdown (MDD), Run Time and Minimum Allocation by clicking on one of them.


Sorting Filters

There is also a Profit/Loss period filter, which narrows the data to a selection of: the past 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and lifetime.


Profit/Loss period filter

You can also specify other filters to list the strategies you want to see. You can use  Keywords, Exchange, Monthly Return, Minimum Runtime, Monthly fee, Allocation fee and Success fee. 


Results Filter

Various combinations can be used to get the syndication of your choice. For example : 

Use Case 1: I want a syndication for Binance Spot exchange, which has been running for 100 days, and has >10% Monthly returns. I don’t want to pay a monthly fee or allocation fee, just a success fee.
Result : When I use this filter, unfortunately I don’t get any results, so I can use some other combination.

Use Case 2: I am only looking for a syndication that uses Binance Spot. Doesn’t matter what the returns or fees structures are. I click on Apply Filters.
Result: Voila, I’ve got results. I can now sort or look for what I want.

Similar to the syndications tab, explore page have Traders tab and Scripts tab.

To list out traders of your choice, you can click on the traders tab and use a filter of your choice and those traders appear. 


I have used FTX Futures as exchange filter and all the traders, who have their syndications available for FTX Futures appears in the list. You can use Clear Filters to bring back all the filters to the default state, which will bring all the traders back in the list.

Trading Scripts These scripts can be viewed by any one who visits the explore page and click on trading scripts tab, however to use these scripts one should have an account on tuned. These scripts are created by professional tuned traders and are made public, to be used by new tuned users in order to learn and create strategies. 


Trading scripts created by Tuned traders

You can add any of these scripts to your strategies to learn more in-depth scripting. The goal with these is to help inspire your own trading script (Always try and give credit to the original creator for their work).

You can use keyword or language filter to get a script of your choice. 


Happy Trading and Welcome to Tuned!


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