Category: Data Science

Creating Better Trading Strategies — The Future

Albert Lai

And here we have it: the last installment of the data science article series! In our previous article, we created some correlated clusters and came away with some pretty incredible results. To wrap the series up, I’ll be going over how creators can apply these findings and what this research means for the future of…

Creating Better Trading Strategies — The Results

Albert Lai

Welcome back, data science fans!  Continuing from the second article, where I discussed the clustering of buy signals, we’re now ready to get into the meat of things: finding correlated groups. The idea is to find two or more strategies that when combined, give much stronger performance than each would achieve alone. We’ll start with…

Creating Better Trading Strategies — The Process

Albert Lai

In our last blog post, I introduced my project to combine buy signals from different strategies to potentially generate higher returns for all traders on Tuned. Today, we’ll be diving deep into the process I took to cluster those buy signals together and exploring some initial findings. Let’s jump right in! In case you missed…

An Intro to Creating Better Trading Strategies

Albert Lai

Picture this: the new iPhone 17 Ultra Pro Max just dropped, and you’re debating whether or not to switch up your mobile device. The new holographic display makes the purchase hard to refuse, but the hefty price tag stops you from laying down the cash without a second thought. Now, what if a friend was…

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