Product Updates

Monthly Product Update – December 2021



As the year comes to a close, we wanted to say a few words of thanks. We’re honored to call ourselves home for thousands of traders that aim to defy odds and outperform markets. It’s serving you on this mission that motivates us to continue providing superior capabilities that aid you in this pursuit. A lot happened in 2021, and we think 2022 will be even better.

What’s new?

Multi-coin packs are here. Start backtesting and paper trading, while leveraging smart rebalancing on up 50 strategies and 10 coin pairs! Here’s how to get started.

Batch testing fairness algorithm. Don’t let rush hour stop you. Our new fairness algorithm automatically balances the queue, providing a fair distribution of resources across the entire community.

Did you catch the latest updates to the Tuned App?

  • More Dashboard charts. Start tracking all-time and live returns, along with the change in your overall portfolio value across connected exchanges.
  • Enhanced token overviews. Making Tuned the ultimate token tracking app. 

Coming soon

Multi-coin packs as syndications. Today you can leverage Backtesting, Live runs, and smart rebalancing with multiple coin pairs. Soon you’ll also be able to share your battle-tested strategy packs on the Tuned marketplace.

Huobi Coin-M Swaps. Get ready to create strategies or subscribe to Syndications on one of the world’s leading exchanges.

We’ve also improved and fixed a few nuisances!

  • New Pine Alpha default script.
  • Improved Binance and Kraken API key instructions in Account Dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue that caused shared runs to not display performance charts.
  • Fixed an issue that caused shared runs to not display as multi-coin packs.
  • Fixed an issue that caused previews to not compute the correct script when selecting Go to editor version in the execution table menu or selecting a different script version in the editor.
  • And more.

In other news

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