Monthly Product Update – October 2021

So, what’s new?

New performance charts display both live run and backtest returns.

New monthly returns charts display both live run and backtest performance.

Invoices with detailed breakdowns. Includes high water marks for success fee syndications and specific date ranges for monthly billing cycles.

New filters for run # and creation date. Keep better track of your live runs and backtests. This improves visibility when scanning through large batchtest or long lists of live runs.

Filter for the most popular syndications now available on the Marketplace.

Improved plot performance. Who enjoys waiting? Plots now load faster than ever!

Experience Tuned’s new look. It’s been two years since our launch and we wanted to refresh our website to show what we’re capable of!

We’ve also improved and fixed a few nuisances!

Improved plot performance. Now faster than ever!

Updated exchange icons in the Invest page. Showcasing the beautiful designs of our integrated exchanges.

Optimizations to reduce the delay between signal generation and order execution.

Fixed a bug that caused certain invoices to not be displayed.

In case you’ve missed it…

We’ve published part 2 of Creating Better Trading Strategies, for those curious how data analysis has the potential to help traders!

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