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Monthly Update – May 2022

Fabian Loureiro

What’s new? We released a major update to the Tuned app. Baskets on mobile. Easily invest in a set of popular cryptocurrencies, powered by dollar-cost averaging and rebalancing, with zero Tuned fees. Experience a new way of researching, navigating and investing in top-performing trading strategies.

Trade sideways markets with simple Grid Bots on Tuned


Have you ever seen a chart and wished you could trade all its ups and downs? The profit potential may be tempting but watching candles form in real time can feel like tug of war. The market’s emotions channel through you and may change your mind. It’s normal to act on new or changing information,…

Monthly Update – April 2022

Fabian Loureiro

What’s new? Introducing a new way to discover the top quants making the biggest waves in the community. Tuned enthusiasts should be recognized, so we’ve increased our referral rewards. By popular demand, you can now view a bot’s recent trades directly from the Terminal.

Monthly Update – March 2022

Fabian Loureiro

What’s new? Introducing the Guacamole Accumulation Bot. Leverage a patient strategy that achieved a 99% win rate in tests. Diversify. Picking single assets can be challenging and time consuming. Try a basket to get exposure to top coins within specific themes.

Accumulation Bot – Our free DCA Bot!

Dale Brown
Free DCA Bot

Guacamole Bot – Our free DCA Bot! In this article we will explain how our free Dollar Cost Averaging script “Guacamole Bot” can be set up.

Price Action Series Chapter 6 – Market Conditions

Simão Ferrreira

In this chapter of the price action series, we will cover the different market conditions of an asset. We will also cover how to approach these conditions If you missed out on the other chapters you can follow the links below: 1: Price Action Series 2: Support and Resistance  3: Plot Support and Resistances  4:…

Monthly Update – February 2022

Matt Young

What’s new? Looks new, but feels like home. Introducing the Power Bar, the key navigational element to the main table area of the Terminal, and is home to four new tabs – Live, Editor, Tests and Bots. There is no new functionality yet, but you’ll want to keep a close eye on this space. You can read more…

Price Action Series Chapter 5 – Candles

Simão Ferrreira

In today’s price action post we will cover candles and candle formations. It’s important to understand how candles are formed and the typical candle formations used in a price action trading style.  If you missed out on the other chapters you can follow the links below: 1: Price Action Series 2: Support and Resistance  3:…

New in the Terminal: A fresh new look

Zsolt Kacso

We’re working on new features that we plan to release to the community throughout 2022. To prepare for these launches, we took a quick pass at refreshing the look and feel of the existing Terminal interface, along with some of the language we use in our product.
Here are some of the changes launching today…

Price Action Series Chapter 4 – Time Frames Confluence

Simão Ferrreira

In today’s price action post, we will cover time frames, the importance of confluence between time frames, and candle patterns (covered in chapter 5). There will be a brief study about trading entries and we will share a candle pattern script (in chapter 5). If you miss the other chapters you can follow the link:…

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