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TradingView is a platform where you can track and analyze asset price charts, and share with other traders. It also lets you add indicators and overlays to your chart to see different patterns and opportunities in the price action. Users can share, discuss, and ask for advice from other members monitoring the same currency pair or stock themselves, chatting online in real-time with other traders around the world. TradingView provides free webinars for newbies who want to learn about trading and is one of the most popular free charting platforms because it acts as a social network for traders and investors. 

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Tuned and TradingView

Traders can use TradingView to quickly meet their charting needs, track favorite assets, and share ideas with others. Many use TradingView as their primary tool to spot trends, with the help of the community, and place trades. Pine Script was created by TradingView and is one of two languages utilized within the Tuned platform to create strategies.