Portfolio Diversification

The key to a successful portfolio

Protect and improve investments

It’s no secret that diversifying gets smoother results in the long-run. We know anything that goes against the ‘get rich quick’ mindset is usually boring, but the benefits are worth writing about. Portfolio diversity protects assets, by diminishing the risk individual assets pose. Limiting this potential for negative impact is the key to steady growth.

What does that mean for Tuned?

In traditional stock markets, diversity means investments across multiple industries. In crypto, this usually translates to holding a variety of coins. Tuned builds on this and lets you diversify by trading strategy. Where traditional buy and hold investors lose if a coin falls in value, the right trading strategy may keep you afloat.

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How to diversify

Your options in a typical market would be to hold multiple coin pairs. However, their performance tends to be highly correlated with each other. Unique to Tuned is the freedom to trade with multiple custom strategies, with varying complexity from our script editor. Don’t want to write anything? Trade with other people’s strategies, via subscription!

But wait!

There is another form of portfolio diversification that not all traders consider, optimizing for coin accumulation. Rather than doubling your USDT, imagine doubling your BTC right before a bull run. Bybit and Binance offer coin futures, which enable this type of trading strategy.