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If you take part in manual trading, you are aware of how time consuming it can be. With automated trading bots, there’s no need to spend time manually analyzing markets or performing technical analysis.

Trading strategies, also known as bots on Tuned, are automated trading bots which only require a short initial setup and are low maintenance. Creators, also known as 'quantitative traders', offer these strategies in Tuned's marketplace for a fee. This allows interested investors to subscribe and automatically execute the generated signals on their exchange of choice.

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Search functions are readily available in the marketplace, making it easy to filter strategies by preference. Factors like exchange, asset, minimum runtime, fee structure, and more are there to help you make a decision. Single-click filters are also available for ease of use.

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By subscribing to a bot, traders benefit from profitable trades while creators benefit from the subscription fees. This promotes competition to create of good strategies, and allows everyone to benefit from automated trading strategies without requiring the knowledge to create. 

Strategy creators on Tuned retain full ownership of their work. Listing strategies on the marketplace, or making scripts discoverable is at their discretion only.

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