Technical Analysis

Stop sleepwalking into trades

What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is a term used to describe the discovery and interpretation of chart patterns. Traders use asset price and volume to make predictions. Under this umbrella are hundreds of methodologies and schools of thought. The goal of technical analysis is to discover new trading opportunities, but can also be used to time an entry point for long-term holdings.

Why technical analysis?

A traditional approach to trading involves what many call fundamental analysis. This often includes factors like revenue, industry growth, and trends, and is meant to evaluate a company's viability. However, this method is susceptible to market noise when trading on shorter time frames, as these factors are not always reflected in price. 

Even traders who rely solely on fundamental analysis can benefit from technical analysis.

Ready to get started?

Technical analysis on Tuned

Automated trading strategies rely exclusively on technical indicators, which scrutinize influences on an asset's change in volume and price. To create a successful automated trading strategy you will first want some knowledge of technical analysis. Anyone can buy and hold but this lens will fuel your pursuit and ability to generate greater profits.

Pretty much all trading methodologies rely on technical analysis in some capacity. Some examples are: 

- Trend following trading
- Momentum trading
- Swing trading
- Mean reversion trading
- Scalp trading
- Breakout trading