Strategy Licensing & Bots

Monetize trading strategies

Grow a trading business

Traders on Tuned have the option to monetize their automated trading strategies as bots. Any completed script can be listed on the marketplace, allowing interested investors to subscribe and allocate funds. Buy and sell signals generated from these strategies will be shared with all subscribers. In effect, everyone gets to benefit without requiring the knowledge to create.

Listing a strategy as a bot does not give access to code, we treat your intellectual property seriously and privately. You retain full ownership of your trading strategies. Tuned also encrypts all data at rest and in transit with cutting-edge technology.

How it works

Tuned takes 20% of bot revenue and creators are paid out at the beginning of each month, when their net revenue reaches 100 USDC.

For example, $150 in collected bot revenue will be split $120 for creator, and $30 to Tuned.

If referral rewards apply, then up to 5.5% of the original paid amount will be subtracted before revenue is split between the creator and Tuned.

Our example then becomes $141.75, after $8.25 (5.5%) is deducted for referral rewards. In this case, $113.40 goes to the creator, and $28.35 goes to Tuned.

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Ready to get started?

Why list a strategy on the marketplace?

With Tuned, sharing trading signals is an opportunity to earn more. You can determine compensation using any combination of three fee structures. 

Monthly Flat Fee: Subscribers pay a predetermined amount of money to access the strategy, charged at the beginning of each billing cycle.

Allocation Fee: Subscribers pay a small percentage, up to 10% based on their total allocation of the strategy, charged at the end of each billing cycle.

Success Fee: Subscribers pay based on a percent of their profits, up to 20%, charged at the end of each billing cycle.

Our goal with Tuned is to create an ecosystem where anyone can operate a trading business from anywhere. Come join us on Discord!