Strategy Manager

A record of all your work

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Every strategy you create and save on Tuned is accessible through your strategy manager. This provides easy access to all past and current work.

Within the Private section you will find three categories. My Strategies is a record of all your personal scripts, while Favorites is self explanatory. My Public Strategies is a list of all code you've published to the shared library, letting anyone view your code.

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Community Scripts

The community tab contains strategies published by all creators on Tuned and accessible to anyone. You can select any of these and import them directly into your script editor. These can also be viewed on the invest page under your Tuned profile.

Public scripts are a terrific learning tool for investors and emerging strategy creators alike. By viewing this public network of experienced traders you can broaden your knowledge of writing scripts for investment while promoting collaboration. Sharing small pieces of code can be helpful to those looking for specific functions or script how-to's. Maybe you're looking for a function or are searching for inspiration, community scripts just might be the kick-start you need.

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