Visualize market data and technical indicators

What is plotting?

Trading often involves the confluence of one or more technical indicators. Directly within the Script Editor, plotting on Tuned is a function that allows you to visualize this information on, or next to, an asset's price chart. Learning how to plot for trading carries a big fundamental benefit to the trader as they will be able to visualize what indicators are doing during certain periods. 

Here's an example

The 50-day moving average, where each day's value is determined by the previous 50, is a standard indicator that traders use to make long-term decisions. Without plotting this information on a price chart, only the computer would know. While plots don't necessarily help with automation, they importantly provide clarity during tests and for live performance monitoring.

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How does plotting improve trading?

Tuned offers an array of metrics for traders that make it easier to understand where the buys and sells occur. This saves traders time that might be spent interpreting a list of trades. We also believe data is more easily digested if presented visually.

This is one of the most critical factors involved in technical analysis and manual trading. If you are a trader already familiar with technical analysis, you will quickly adapt to understanding plots available with Tuned.

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