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The Tuned script editor is where you write code to create trading strategies. You can use one of two languages, Pine Script and Tuned Script, the latter being Tuned’s native language. Both are similar, but we’ve found that Tuned script is a bit easier to pick up for anyone unfamiliar with writing automated trading strategies.

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The script editor at a glance

We wanted to bring the experience of programming, and have it  conveniently accessed from your browser. Some of its key features are:

- Unlimited version history of your scripts.Availability of Tuned Script and Pine Script languages.
- Immediate feedback through script performance previewing based on the 5,000 most recent candles.
- Access to performance metrics and plotted indicators.
- Library of sample and public scripts to kickstart learning. 
- Notice script errors in real-time or in the debug section once you save the script.