Earn Together With Referrals

Where everyone wins

What are referrals?

Earn together when you refer friends, and share the Tuned way of trading with the world! You can create your own custom referral code by navigating to your Account Dashboard on web, or on mobile.

Generate a unique referral ID

Log in to your Tuned account and choose your referral ID.

Share it with friends

Have your friends sign up using your referral link.

Collect USDC rewards

Earn a percent of all money your referrals spend on bots.

Ready to get started?

Earn by growing the community

In recognition of Tuned enthusiasts, you can earn 10 USDC for each of your referrals that runs a live allocation, for at least 7 days on a free Tuned Bot or Syndication. There's more...

Rewards based on earnings

Get paid 5% on all the spending of your referrals (Tier 1), and 10% of their earned referral rewards (Tier 2).

You'll get rewards for 18 months, from your referral's sign-up date.

For example...

Let's imagine a scenario where you refer your friend Hari.

If Hari spends $200 on bots your Tier 1 reward would be $10, which is 5% of $200. 

Now, let's add to the scenario and say Sam referred you. In this case, Sam is entitled to a Tier 2 reward based on your relation to Hari. That would be $1, which is 10% of your $10 from before. Tier 2 rewards are not subtracted from Tier 1 rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is considered a qualified referral?
A: A new trader on Tuned who signed up using your referral link.

Q: How are rewards paid?
A: Rewards are paid in USDC using one of three blockchains: SOL, TRX, or ERC20. Relevant transfer fees will be subtracted from the total payout.

Q: How are rewards calculated?
A: Assuming a referral has paid $100 for bots, Tier 1 is $5 (5%), and Tier 2 is $0.50 (10% of $5). If both tiers must be satisfied, a total of $5.50 will be paid out in USDC.

Q: My referral forgot to use my referral link when signing up. Can I still receive rewards?
A: Unfortunately you cannot. If this is the case, please ask them to create a new account.

Q: How long will I receive rewards for?
A: You're entitled to rewards for 18 months after your referral creates their account. Your referral link, for new sign-ups, will be valid indefinitely.

Q: When will I get a payout for my referral rewards?
A: We do payouts at the end of each month, to anyone with over $100 in cumulative referral rewards. We'll reach out via email for a USDC address.

Q: With referrals, how much will be paid to the creator?
A: Referrals are subtracted before invoice revenue reaches Tuned and the Creator. This means, from a $100 invoice, after Tier 1 and Tier 2 rewards are subtracted, $94.50 will be split into $18.90 for Tuned (20%) and $75.60 for the Creator (80%).

Q: Why can't I see my referrals?
A: As of December 2021, much of this system is still a work in progress. However, referrals have been a highly requested feature and so we opted to deliver rather than keep you waiting.

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