Strategy Packs

Bundle strategies to improve performance

What are strategy packs?

Strategy packs allow traders to run bundles of up to 50 strategies, that manage asset allocations and trades. With Tuned, you can run various trading strategies using only one tool to allocate your funds, allowing you to rebalance profits made by one strategy in your pack and distribute these funds to another strategy in your pack. Automatic allocation of your funds limits risk since it becomes difficult for a single strategy to weigh down your portfolio.

You can create strategy packs that contain single or multiple strategies, giving you the ability to utilize your strategy with different stop losses, leverages, or take profit targets for better and easier money management. Additional strategies you use can offset each other and can be beneficial in several ways.

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Different strategies will offset each other

Operating with many strategies can improve the chances of profits in the long run. A bad trade from a strategy trading on 20% of your money will impact you much less than if you were trading solely on that strategy. This also reduces the impact of profits, but if each strategy was selected correctly, the result should be a smoother equity line trending in a positive direction.

Strategy packs offer traders a way to automate their investments while being beneficial in multiple ways that improve your investments, returns, and fund allocation.

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