Scripting Language

Strategies built using Tuned or Pine script

Tuned Script

Strategies on Tuned are programmed using one of two languages: Tuned Script or Pine Script. These have been optimized for trading, offering shorthand for many popular indicators and functions. For example, you can write the relative strength index indicator (RSI) with one line of code and some input parameters. Additional buy and sell logic is easy to add.

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Pine Script

Tuned also supports Pine Script, from the technical analysis platform TradingView, widely known among retail traders. It serves the same purpose as Tuned Script, streamlining strategy creation. As of October 2021, it lacks support for specific functions. We have plans to continue building on this, and support Pine Script’s in its entirety. 

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How do these languages work?

Trading strategies on Tuned interpret and act on market data, represented as smaller periods of time called candles. Each candle on a chart represents the same duration, including price data and volume. More specifically, this price data includes a candle’s open price, highest price, lowest price, and closing price. While volume refers to the total number of units exchanged, for example shares or coins. Technical indicators, and therefore trading strategies, build math on top of this data, to derive buy and sell signals.