Automated Trading

24/7 awareness and instant reaction time

Build, Test, and Execute

One of the hardest things traders in the market have to deal with is their gut telling them that something is wrong. This feeling can, more often than not, be incorrect itself. It is an aversion to risk, a natural reaction. But, by designing, testing, and executing an automated trading system, you can take the fear out and replace it with strict rules of entry and exit points, as well as money management.

Trust your head,             
not your gut.

While it is possible to make money in the market without a plan of attack, the most viable plans are those with a set goal. Emotions are the number one reason people consistently lose money in the markets.

It is estimated that 70 to 80 percent of trading in the stock market is done via automated trading, so why should you not do the same? Take your gut out of the equation and trust in the strategies that you can build and hone with Tuned.

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Ready to get started?

Plan and stick to it.

With automated trading, you can link software with your exchange to execute a predetermined set of rules. Normally, traders with the correct strategy or rules fail to follow it not just because of emotions but also due to the lack of proper money management. An automated, reliable money management system is half of the path to success.

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Keep your money safe,            
and reduce your risk.

Automated trading allows you to reduce risk with precise entry-exit, smart rebalancing, monitoring, and immediacy for trading. This planning process takes the pressure off you by reducing the need to be disciplined in staying with your plan. You can just let it play out, as you don't need to follow the markets closely to control the entries and exits. Harnessing the power of passive income.

In the same vein, it is essential to diversify your trades. Successful traders often say: Don't put all your eggs in the same basket. The quickest way to lose as much money as possible is to bet everything on black. But, while the potential for reward may send your mind to the beach with a drink, the chances of that are low, and the safest, most successful approach is diversification.

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You can go it alone,            
but you don't have to.

Access advanced automated trading strategies built by quantitative traders or create your own, with no limits.

Let us help, with Tuned, you can split the difference.