Smart Rebalancing

Distribute funds across strategy packs

What is smart rebalancing?

Smart rebalancing is a feature that distributes funds across strategies within a single strategy pack. Strategies within a pack can gain and lose balance at different rates. Tuned's use of smart rebalancing ensures that the distribution of funds across strategies is maintained.

Smart rebalancing at work

Smart rebalancing is used to maintain allocation distributions, determined during a strategy pack's creation. Profits from one strategy are redistributed proportionately. During an unprofitable period, subsequent orders will receive less allocation until losses are reimbursed.

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To illustrate how smart rebalancing works

Let's use an example where we allocate $1,000 to a strategy pack that splits the money evenly between two strategies at $500 each. Imagine one of the strategies makes a profit and reaches $600, while the other remains at $500. Tuned will redistribute the cumulative balance between both strategies, at $550 each ($500 + $600 = $1100; $1100 / 2 = $550 each).

Tuned’s Smart Rebalancing lowers the overall risk involved with strategy packs. This allows traders to passively balance allocations between strategies and lower exposure, thus risk, to any single strategy inside a syndication.