Tuned Script

Tuned's native language

Streamlined strategy creation

Tuned Script is the native programming language created by Tuned, designed with the intent to streamline the creation of trading strategies. It’s relatively easy to understand and code can be written from within our web-based script editor. It has a built-in library of functions. So rather than writing logic for a popular indicator like RSI (relative strength index), you write RSI() followed by its relevant input parameters.

This setup makes it easy to combine indicators for something more complex. We want people to occupy themselves with prototyping, rather than struggling to make their ideas reality.

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Getting a bit more technical

There are some rules to follow when writing in Tuned Script:

Conditions can be defined using any combination of tools and indicators, but the buy and sell signals are generated as a series.

In the snippet signals = signalIf(buy, sell) we are generating a series of data that will output based on boolean (true or false) inputs, the buy and sell portion.

follows this, and is used to execute trades on the series of data defined above.