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Automated trading

One of the main rules to success in trading is the ability to trust the data and the plan, mainly during periods of loss.

Paper Trading

Test your trading strategy without risking real funds or assets.

Backtesting and Batchtesting

Use past data and find out if your trading strategy is profitable.

Script Editor

Write powerful automated trading strategies from any computer.

Stop-loss and trailing stop-loss

Plan for when your trade doesn't go as planned. We never like to imagine it happening, but better safe than sorry right?

Smart Rebalancing

Automatically realign the weightings of a portfolio's assets.

Strategy Packs

Diversify automated trading with strategy packs.

Tuned Script

Tuned's in-house language for creating trading strategies.

Pine Script

TradingView's native language for technical indicators, available on Tuned.

Tuned Marketplace

Discover and subscribe to automated trading strategies.

Strategy Licensing & Syndication

Got a trading strategy in mind? Monetize it with Tuned.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

A quick read for anyone new to cryptocurrencies and wanting to trade.

Public Strategies

Learn trading strategies from others, who were also once beginners.

24/7 Support

We want our traders to succeed.

Money management

A strategy without money management is like riding a car without brakes.

Risk management

Risk management is important to control the losses in the event of market reversals, high volatility.

Position sizing

Position sizing refers to the size of a position within a particular portfolio, or the dollar amount that an investor is going to trade.

Strategy Manager

Our powerful tools are only as useful as your understanding. Keep organized and learn from community scripts.

Trend following trading

Act based on an understanding of an asset's trend, buying when the price is rising and selling when it's dropping.

Momentum trading

Momentum Trading seeks volatility in markets via short-term positions.

Portfolio tracking

Track multiple exchanges and assets.

Swing trading

Trades normally last from days to multiple weeks.

Mean reversion trading

A mean reversion trading strategy involves betting that prices will revert back towards the mean or average.

Scalp trading

Short windows of opportunity, but several small gains can add up to significant income.

High frequency trading

Traders profit from minimal price movements. Profits are driven by exploiting differences in bid-ask spreads.

Breakout trading

Breakouts in price make for powerful moves and can offer a significant risk to reward ratio.

Scripting Language

Learn the building blocks behind every trading strategy on Tuned.


Sometimes orders are filled differently than expected. Let us explain why.


Visualize the mechanics behind automated trading bots.


Traditional markets view volatility as risk, but Tuned sees opportunity.


A platform where traders come up with new strategies while Tuned lets traders automate them.

Portfolio diversification

Mitigate risk by putting eggs in many baskets.


Anticipate when to trade based on uptrends and downtrends.

Technical analysis

Fundamentals aren't everything. Gain perspective on markets by analyzing historical trends.


A 5-minute read that explains DeFi and why everyone cares so much about it.

Referral Program

Earn together when you refer friends, and share the Tuned way of trading with the world!