Yenta is a free location based mobile phone application that connects Jewish singles with other singles near them! It’s serendipity at its best, whether at school, work or local hangout you can instantly see who is Jewish, single and wants to meet near you. And when you change your location, a new set of singles appears based on their proximity to you so never miss a potential match!


Why Yenta? Why Now?

Technology is rapidly changing, but for reasons we couldn’t understand, Jewish dating sites remain pretty archaic. They still rely heavily on long, detailed profiles that most people BS through anyhow, back and forth chatting with people far away, and an overall sense of upkeep that make users feel as dating is their second job.



Well no more, Yenta focuses on who is Jewish and single near you right now so you can go ahead and start an immediate conversation and meet the person within minutes. Yenta is a serendipities matchmaker identifying the matches all around you!


Why free?

Because we believe that making matches is good karma and know that we’ll find other ways to make revenue if we keep doing the work we love.


And more importantly, we want to answer your mothers concerns of you dating a girl/guy, we know how persistent the questioning (which sounds a lot like nagging) can get and want to help you ease her concerns.

All we ask is that you share Yenta with your single Jewish friends if you think it can help them find their JewBoo.



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