A durable and practical card holder.

The Viig ® eco-system is to identify a challenge, apply appropriate design methods and produce the highest quality products. The word Viig ® derives from a Swedish word for flexibility and agility, and this is how we see our design philosophy.


The word Vi means “5 intelligent solutions” Light, Compact, Elegant, Functional, & Simple. We think we’ve done it!

The Vi in Wales.

A trip to Wales and the vi.

Reasons to consider the Vi:

  • 100% Recyclable.
  • Comfortably use in your front pocket.
  • Aluminium core means no broken cards.
  • NFC ready, so long as you have no other conflicting cards.
  • It looks cool!
  • Highly durable materials, expect your Vi to last.
  • Did I mention it looks cool….

Consider the Vi, help the project and support us today.




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