Alexean Clip-fold: The Most Convenient Wallet Ever.

Alexean Co. of San Jose, startup and producers of innovative and practical accessories, are set to launch “The Most Convenient Wallet Ever” on Kickstarter during the first week of July 2014. With an influx of inconvenient and impractical wallets, it […]

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Articulate Wallet 2.0

Articulate began just over a year ago, when we set out to create a wallet that would simplify our lives.  We launched our first design on Kickstarter and thanks to the overwhelming support, we were successfully funded.  We fulfilled over […]

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Linear Calendar

The first calendar to depict an entire year on a single, uninterrupted timeline. The Linear Calendar defies conventional calendar design in order to conform to our natural perception of time. Instead of breaking time into a grid format and separating […]

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GatorKey – A better way to keychain

Years ago, Jermaine Encarnacion studied film at NYU, which in no way prepared me for the reality of the job market. He realized that he needed to find a new way. The traditional route of going back to school and […]


Articulate Wallet-Unique, Stylish Leather Wallets

The Perfect Wallet In search for a sleek, stylish and affordable wallet, all we could find were money clips and credit card holders.  These worked great for holding your cards, but folding and unfolding your cash wasn’t efficient and added […]