Lucas Taylor: Classy Wood for Classy Men

The Lucas Taylor Tie Clip is made of handcrafted Cocobolo heartwood taken from the classiest tree in Central America, the Dalbergia retusa.   Only after extensive consideration and solemn meditation did we select Cocobolo wood for our tie clip, and the […]


Fashion For The Back Seat Of A Cop Car

If you are cruising our site chances are your right foot has an issue with limitations and your motor doesn’t mind. Sometimes that “persistence” can get you in a bit of trouble, now we aren’t recommending anything illegal here but […]


Cufflinks Made From Gold and AK-47s

The AK-47 is probably the greatest success story of Communist engineering. But what is easily one of the most popular assault weapons on the planet has now been melted down and turned into a set of limited edition cufflinks. Created […]