Let’s face it, the world needs a Hoverboard.. So that’s exactly what Haltek Industries is going to try and build. They want to create an open source Hoverboard platform that can be customized for fun or tailored to meet the needs of any industry. This isn’t for commercial gain or for profit, this is purely to develop the technology for the open source community. With your help they can raise the funds needed to launch this initiative and bring the Hoverboard to life!

According to project leader, the Hoverboard will be powered by omni-directional tubeaxial blowers – similar to the ones we saw in the Aerofex Hover Bike.

The boards would be constructed from a honeycomb carbon fiber to keep weight to a minimum. In terms of power source, Haleluk is looking at two promising new lightweight battery technologies – a Lithium-Air battery in development by IBM with the goal of powering a car for up to 500 miles on a single charge or a unique energy device being researched by Stanford which can store power in a sheet of paper with special ink infused with carbon nanotubes and silver nanowires. Of course, neither of these technologies is in production yet, so that certainly creates a risk factor for the Hoverboard project. Current off-the-shelf battery technologies would likely be insufficient to lift a passenger for any meaningful period of time.

In order to fund the development of the Hoverboard, the team has set up an Indiegogo campaign with a funding goal of $1 million (USD). These funds will be used for research, development and production of the first Hoverboards. While a bid of $10,000 or more is required if you want to end up with an actual Hoverboard, lower pledges will be used to further research and development efforts.

If you find this project as exciting as we do, then please lend a hand by spreading the word!



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