Turn right at the next exit. That is a phrase that can be correct or incorrect coming from a typical GPS unit. The use of global positioning systems in the auto industry is now widespread. The growth of technology has improved self-navigation although some people still struggle with finding the right GPS to buy. The shifts in manufacturing now suggests that GPS apps are now more precise in navigation compared to hard wired units.

Why GPS Apps are Now Superior

The easy answer is software. App creators are now tapping into software that is more power to help with easier street navigation. Because regular GPS units rely on satellite data, incorrect street data can still be supplied to a car owner using a system. The use of apps is helping companies like Google to develop perfect positioning systems that are up to date.

App development requires GPS users to use applications in hand-held devices. The need for hardware is still an issue with car-installed GPS programs. The mounting is not always compatible with some vehicles and the ability to charge a unit has always been a problem. The applications industry is removing any need to have wires or other hardwired connections to get good directions.

Prices have seriously decreased for positioning apps over the past two years. Because more companies are entering the market, prices for apps and future updates are now lower. The standard retail price for a basic install of a hardwired system is still $89.99 in the U.S. With app development at less than $49, economics is now playing a larger role in the popularity of application based global positioning systems.

GPS Navigation for Free

Apps are creating more competition and price is shifting. There are technology companies that are programming applications that are distributed for free. This means that car owners can now use smartphones, tablets and other app-enabled devices to get GPS direction free of charge. The access to these tools does require an Internet connection and can be valuable when used for basic turn-by-turn directions.

As the industry continues to expand, more solutions for car owners to get from city to city will be readily available. The hardwire prices should stabilize and become lower as competitors enter the marketplace. More use of digital directional software should be the wave of the future and in all standard vehicles built over the next five years.

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