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Years ago, Jermaine Encarnacion studied film at NYU, which in no way prepared me for the reality of the job market. He realized that he needed to find a new way. The traditional route of going back to school and going deeper into debt was not going to work. He realized while he did not learn any real skills for the real economy. He did learn one skill… How to hustle!   ” I was an entrepreneur and did not even know it”

He attributes his new mind set to ” The four hour workweek ” book by Tim Ferris. The book opened up new possibilities of how to start a micro business and live the way you want with more time to do the things you love or find out what you love.

He became very interested in entrepreneurship and creating your his own business. He got inspired by a lot of the success stories he read about.

He came up with the idea of GatorKey one day after what was his tenth pair of jeans getting a hole in the pockets because of his keys and his frustration of fumbling through all his keys to find the right one. He thought to himself “why doesn’t someone come up with a better way… why not me.” After months of sketching and figuring out. He got it! 

Jermaine has started a Kickstarter campaign and with his new found skills has developed a new innovative keychain “Gatorkey”

“There is no need to go back to school and pick up more debt. You can learn anything on your own thanks to the Internet “

Check out his Kickstarter page : 

We’re certain GatorKey could be a great story for Tuned for these reasons:

  • Fresh new way to carry your keys - GatorKey is introuducing a simplier way to key chain…no need to have tons of keys on your keychain and have to go thru every key before getting to the right one. We have all these hi tech gadgets nowadays to keep ourselves up to date and organzied. GatorKey is not high tech but it is a SIMPLE way to solve clutter on the key chain and keep away those unslightly holes out of the back of your jeans (fellas know what Im taking about). GatorKey is fresh & smart. A low tech tool that plays nicely with your high tech gadgets.


  • Cool design – Gatorkey designs are fresh, stylish & compact. Men can slip GatorKey in their back pocket without the bulge. It is a sexy and sleek way to key chain. Now that were in the 21th century why not improve the way we keychain and why not do it in style. I mean we do have to look at our key chains everyday. Gatorkey now allows you to protect your personal belongings in the pouch while dicreetly in your pants pocket or women’s purse.


  • Keeps everyone organized – Gatorkey allows everyone to remain organized the pouches are designed to help you keep a set of keys for your apartment and add another 2 or 3 pouches for your boyfriends apt, work, parents house, storage etc. No more fumbling at the door for 5 mintues trying to find the right key. Those days are over (at least for my wife they are since she’s been “Gatorized”).


I would greatly appreciate you checking out GatorKey’s kickstarter campaign and supporting.


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