How to stay safe on your motorbike

Motorbike safety is essential for you, your passengers, and other drivers and pedestrians.  Sometimes accidents are caused by others lack of sensibility but it is also down to you and the way you drive your motorbike.  You are in control […]


Messina Classic

After researching about which motorcycle I should buy, I settled on Messina classic from the Torino Company and I like the deal I got. Torino Motorcycles Company enjoys a reputation for its popular and wide brand of choppers, cruisers, motorcycles […]


Bimota’s DB11, Reason For Conflict?

Well it looks like one of Italy’s finest has again come to the stage with a unique offering. Italian motorcycle manufacturer Bimota surprised the masses with a 19 model display at this year’s EICMA, one of which being the DB11 […]


BRD RedShift MX

It might look like a rendering — in fact, it probably is — but given the founders’ bike-racing backgrounds, we have no doubt it will become reality soon enough. The BRD RedShift MX ($15,000) is an electric bike that’s designed […]