Car trips and navigation gadgets

             Three months ago, a friend of mine and I made a deal to go on a one-day car trip. He insisted on going by his car and I did not quarrel about that. We […]


Long Trips Need Tips

    Going on a long deserved holiday is an annual dream come true for many of the people out there. After months of diligence and hard work, we long to be lazy for a while, think about nothing at […]


Tukd sleeping bag cases for your laptop

We are a group of students from BYU trying to fund our new cool product: Tukd Sleeping Bags, a laptop cover that looks like a sleeping bag. Unfortunately, we’re poor college students and can’t it off the ground without some […]


A Good Travel Insurance Policy Cover For?

It’s instinctual to say no, but you may want to consider the protection especially if you have a particularly active or long trip ahead of you. If you’re traveling with your family, you have a dozen more reasons to get […]


Yenta. Find your Jewboo!

Yenta is a free location based mobile phone application that connects Jewish singles with other singles near them! It’s serendipity at its best, whether at school, work or local hangout you can instantly see who is Jewish, single and wants […]