Tigdi – Best iphone wallet ever.

If you are always looking for something you forgot then you might want to check out the Tigdi Case. This brilliant little invention allows you to keep everything you need in one place. You can put a lighter, cigarettes, a […]


Fashion For The Back Seat Of A Cop Car

If you are cruising our site chances are your right foot has an issue with limitations and your motor doesn’t mind. Sometimes that “persistence” can get you in a bit of trouble, now we aren’t recommending anything illegal here but […]


Nokia Lumia 920

‘Tis the season for flagship phone announcements, and the world’s most famous Finnish phone maker is no exception. The Nokia Lumia 920 ($TBA) is the company’s latest top-end phone, running Windows Phone 8, and packing an 8.7 megapixel Nokia PureView […]


Mophie Outride

Thinking about picking up a GoPro? Already have an iPhone? Then do yourself a favor and pick up a Mophie Outride ($130-$150). This ruggedized, waterproof mount for the iPhone 4/4S keeps your phone protected inside a polycarbonate housing, while a […]


Eastern Collective Textile iCables

Apple tries hard, but battery life isn’t exactly at the top of the feature list for iPhones and iPads — which makes chargers a necessary and not exactly good-looking evil. Dress them up a bit with Eastern Collective Textile iCables […]


iPhone 5 Rumored Dock Connector

Don Lehman – The Tech Block How can you improve on Apple’s nine-year-old 30-pin dock connector? You might start by reducing the size. Ever-shrinking gadgets need smaller connectors. You could also reduce complexity. A simpler design would be easier to […]


Spy Hawk

Run drone reconnaissance on your own neighborhood with the Spy Hawk (£250; roughly $400). This unique RC glider sports a built-in 5 megapixel camera that streams a live video feed back to the 3.5″ LCD on the controller, which also […]


Crypteks USB Drive

Have a penchant for puzzles and some data that no one else needs to see? Keep it secure on the Crypteks USB Drive ($130-$160). This hardcore portable drive features a precision-crafted aluminum mechanical lock that offers up 14,348,907 possible combinations […]


Glass Multi-Touch Keyboard & Mouse

And you thought Apple’s input devices were minimal. This Glass Multi-Touch Keyboard & Mouse ($350) uses infrared LEDs placed at the edge of the glass — in conjunction with one or more cameras — to detect your touches on the […]


iPhone Lens Dial

We’ve seen a lot of photo add-ons for the iPhone, some useful, some downright bizarre. Luckily, the iPhone Lens Dial ($250) falls into the latter group. This photo-enhancing tool is actually an aircraft-grade aluminum case for the iPhone 4 and […]