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Are you looking for a cheap car? And not just any dealership bargain – are you looking for a truly cheap car, a fantastic deal that will give you a working vehicle for minimum costs? There are plenty of spots in the market where you can find these alternative types of car deals, if you don’t mind a little work first. Here are six of the easiest ways to get real deals for your next ride, and what to expect from each method.


Visit the Right Auctions

Multiple car auctions sells cars at extra-low prices. These auctions typically get cars from various legal processes and try to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Police auctions sell impounded vehicles and government auctions sell cars and trucks from their own law enforcement agencies or projects that no longer need vehicles. Banks may also sell repossessed cars to make money on defaulted loans. All these options are a great way to find a car that is incredibly cheap. However, there are two caveats: First, you may be betting against other people with an eye on making a deal. Second, you may have to accept the vehicle as is, with any hidden engine problems already there.


Contact a Salvage or Towing Company

Salvage yards and towing companies specialize in removing unwanted trash from places, including commercial lots and people’s yards. As a result, they get a lot of older cars and vehicles that have seen better days, but can be bought for the lowest of prices. This option is ideal if you want to buy a cheap car and do not mind doing a little repair work or buying tires, too.


Search Online Listings

Online listings are a mixed bag when it comes to vehicles. It can be difficult to find someone to trust and descriptions that are actually accurate. However, you may also find some great deals from people who honestly want to get rid of a car for a cheap price. So search sites like Craigslist and local classified sections, but search carefully. Try not to buy a car without inspecting it carefully first.


Hit the City

It may sound strange, but studies from sites like have shown that used car prices are notably lower where there are more people. Specifically you may be able to find a better deal just by visiting lots and dealerships in a city rather than in a suburb or smaller town. City dealers are often willing to accept lower prices, possibly because the presence of more customers and the reliability of future sales that they bring. States with especially high populations, like California, see similar price-reducing results. Cities also tend to offer more deals, like car discounts for college students.


Rental Sales

Rental companies have to update their car stock every several years or so, to replace worn-out vehicles and stay current with the latest trends. The results are intermittent sales where you can get used cars for really great prices, as long as you don’t mind that rental care look. 

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