If you are a Jaguar owner or enthusiast, then chances are you will also be the proud owner of a smartphone like the Apple iPhone. Aside from the myriad of different features and benefits that the iPhone offers, there is more than one million apps on offer ranging from games to productivity tools, and in your case there are some pretty cool Jag-related apps which you should check out.

Here are some of the best apps for your iPhone which you ought to download if you’ve not got them already!

Jaguar Magazine

Developed by the carmaker themselves the official and free Jaguar Magazine app is updated on a weekly basis with all sorts of fascinating trivia, information, news and behind-the-scenes video footage from some of the firm’s top designers and engineers.

Even if you don’t own a used Jaguar F-Type, for example, you can still learn all sorts of weird and wonderful information and facts about it and other models created under the Jaguar marque!

Download the Jaguar Magazine app from the App Store (free).


Jaguar World Magazine


A subscription-based (but free to download) app, Jaguar World Magazine is perhaps one of the best dedicated Jaguar magazines that you can now read from the convenience of your Apple iPhone!


It offers information, news and reviews on all Jaguars from classics like the E-Type to the phenomenal F-Type! Definitely worth a download for all Jaguar owners and enthusiasts alike.


Download the Jaguar World Magazine app from the App Store (free).


Jaguar Forum


Any tech-savvy Jag owners will no doubt scour the World Wide Web for information on how to troubleshoot any issues with their big cats, or even locate sources for certain hard to find parts for older classic Jaguars.


One such useful Internet resource are car forums, and perhaps the best-known forum for Jaguar owners in the United Kingdom is the Jaguar Forum! They have a dedicated app which you can download and use for free on your iPhone; check it out!


Download the Jaguar Forum app from the App Store (free)


Jaguar Collection HD


Like with all smartphones, the iPhone lets you change the background images on the home and lock screens. If you are a massive fan of the big cat, then you need to download the Jaguar Collection HD app right away!


As well as giving you the option to save one or more high-definition images from its built-in library, the app offers all sorts of useful information about the various models produced by the British automaker – great for when you need to increase your knowledge of Jaguar Cars at your local pub quiz!


Download the Jaguar Collection HD app from the App Store (£1.99).


Jaguar Trivia


Another app that you can use down the pub, or perhaps at times when you want to brush up on your knowledge of this iconic carmaker, Jaguar Trivia aims to get you briefed with everything you need to know about the company and the models that it has produced.

Download the Jaguar Trivia app from the App Store (£1.99).

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